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Nursing Evolution

Nursing Evolution is of great importance because Nurses are the front line people that patients most meet up with, spend the highest amount of time with, and rely upon for recovery during their hospitalization. Nursing; being both an art and an applied science, is a holistic caring profession that employs intellectual, interpersonal, and clinical skills through the use of the Nursing Process to assist individuals of all ages in all settings
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Nursing and its various branches have developed over many years in response to different needs being identified within the population. Though a definitive nursing practice had always been practiced from the era of basic and post basic nursing qualification (RN) globally, transformation of nursing practices in developed countries emerged based on the acquisition of BSc. MSc., Doctorate, and PhD by determined, focused, and dedicated group of nurses resulting to the evolution of Advanced Nurse Practitioners.

This evolution can strongly be attained in Nigeria regardless of various challenges of nursing practice in our locality. As such, there is a high expectation that compassionate and focus driven professional Nigerian nurses will contribute vital nursing resources to this forum thereby enhancing effective strategy for improving health services.

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