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NCLEX & CGFNS Practice Questions

Below are recent practice questions under UNIT VI: PRIORITIZATION for Musculoskeletal Management. You can view your scores and the answers to all the questions by clicking on the SHOW RESULT red button at the end of the questions.

1. The correct nursing action to prevent infection in a client with an external fixation device for an open fracture is to:


2. You are preparing to teach a patient with a new diagnosis of osteoporosis about strategies to prevent falls. Which teaching points will you be sure to include? Select all that apply.


3. A patient with a fractured fibula is receiving skeletal traction and has skeletal pins in place. What would you instruct the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to report immediately?


4. During assessment of a patient with fractures of the medial ulna and radius, you find all of these data. Which assessment finding should you report to the health care provider immediately?



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