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NCLEX & CGFNS Practice Questions

Below are recent practice questions under UNIT 1 -Medical-Surgical Nursing for Musculoskeletal Disorders. You can view your scores and the answers to all the questions by clicking on the SHOW RESULT red button at the end of the question.

1. A client is seen in an emergency department for rotator cuff tendonitis. What is the correct immediate treatment?


2. The nurse prepares a client for a bone scan. What priority assessment should the nurse perform for this client?


3. A client fractured his femur yesterday. Monitoring for which potential complication must be included by the nurse in the client’s plan of care?


4. A client has undergone a lumbar laminectomy and has just returned to the nursing unit. It is essential for the nurse to perform which of the following activities during this period?


5. A complication of Buck’s extension traction would be noted by a nurse if:


6. Upon a client’s admission for extracapsular fracture of the left femur, how should a nurse expect the extremity to appear?


7. The nurse assesses which of the following clinical manifestations in a client with osteomyelitis? Select all that apply:


8. The nurse is teaching a client with metastatic bone disease about measures to prevent hypercalcemia. It would be important for the nurse to emphasize?


9. A client is admitted following a motor vehicle accident where his left thigh was crushed beneath the vehicle.The nurse must assess for which of the following complications?


10. A client has been hospitalized after an automobile accident. A full leg cast was applied in the emergency room. The MOST important reason for the nurse to elevate the casted leg is to ?


11. A nurse is caring for a teenager immediately following surgical correction of severe scoliosis. Which interventions should the nurse expect to be part of the care plan? Select all that apply.


12. The nurse, assisting in applying a cast to a client with a broken arm, knows that?


13. The client is diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Which sign/symptom should the nurse expect the client to exhibit?


14. Because a client has bursitis, plans for nursing interventions should include?


15. A client has bilateral knee pain from osteoarthritis. In addition to taking the prescribed NSAID, the nurse should instruct the client to


16. During the first 24 hours after an above-the-knee amputation for vascular disease, nursing priority for stump care would be:


17. The client is being evaluated for osteoporosis. Which diagnostic test is the most accurate when diagnosing osteoporosis?



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