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NCLEX & CGFNS Practice Questions

Below are recent practice questions under UNIT 1 -Medical-Surgical Nursing for Hematological Disorders. You can view your scores and the answers to all the questions by clicking on the SHOW RESULT red button at the end of the question.

1. A 34 year-old client with sickle cell crisis is talking on the telephone but stops as the nurse enters the room to request something for pain. The nurse should?


2. The nurse is teaching a class on HIV prevention. Which of the following should be emphasized as increasing risk?


3. The nurse is planning care for a client during the acute phase of a sickle cell vaso-occlusive crisis. Which of the following actions would be MOST appropriate?


4. Which sign/symptom should the nurse expect to assess in the client diagnosed with hemophilia A?


5. A client calls the nurse with a complaint of sudden deep throbbing leg pain. What is the appropriate FIRST action by the nurse?


6. The nurse is teaching a client about precautions with Coumadin. The nurse should instruct the client to avoid foods with excessive amounts of?


7. The nurse writes the problem of “grieving” for a client diagnosed with non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Which collaborative intervention should be included in the plan of care?


8. A client with a hemolytic blood disorder presents to the primary care center with jaundice.The nurse explains to the client that the jaundice is most likely caused by which of the following?


9. A nurse caring for a client with acute disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) should monitor the client for which of the following clinical manifestations? Select all that apply:


10. The nurse is assessing a client diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Which assessment data support this diagnosis?


11. The nurse is reviewing the nursing care plan of a client hospitalized with sickle cell crisis. Which client problem is the least priority?


12. A client who is receiving a blood transfusion experiences a hemolytic reaction. The nurse would anticipate which of the following assessment findings?


13. The client with O+ blood is in need of an emergency transfusion but the laboratory does not have any O+ blood available. Which potential unit of blood could be given to the client?


14. A client is admitted for hemodialysis. Which abnormal lab value would the nurse anticipate not being improved by hemodialysis?


15. The nurse is caring for a client with a deep vein thrombosis. Which of the following symptoms would require the nurse’s IMMEDIATE attention?



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