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NCLEX & CGFNS Practice Questions

Below are recent practice questions under UNIT III -PEDIATRIC NURSING – Growth and Development. You can view your scores and the answers to all the questions by clicking on the SHOW RESULT red button at the end of the questions.

1. Which stressor is common in hospitalized toddlers? Select all that apply.


2. When performing a physical examination on a 2-year-old child, the nurse:


3. A 12-month-old boy weighed 8 lb 2 oz at birth. Understanding developmental milestones, what should the nurse caring for the child expect the current weight to be?


4. The nurse is going to give a 6-month-old a dose of Rocephin IM. What must the nurse do when the 1.5-mL dose arrives from the pharmacy?


5. Which finding would the nurse consider abnormal when performing a physical assessment on a 6-month-old?


6. The nurse realizes that a 5-year-old’s mother needs further education about the Denver Developmental Screening Test when she states:


7. Which is the best method of distraction for an 8-year-old who is having surgery later today and is on NPO?



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